Case Management for Children
and Pregnant Women

Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women is a Medicaid benefit. Through the program, case managers help families get medical services, school services, medical equipment and supplies and other services that are medically necessary.

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Facts About Case Management:

Need help finding and getting services?

A case manager might be able to help you

Más información sobre la administración de casos

  • Who can get a case manager?

    Children (birth to age 20) and pregnant women who get Medicaid and:
    – Have health problems or a condition
    (no formal diagnosis required)
    – Are at a high risk for getting health problems.
    – Need help getting services or are having trouble finding or connecting with the services that they need related to their health condition or health risk.

  • What does a case managers do?

    – Find out what services you need.
    – Find services near where you live.
    – Teach you how to find and get other services.
    – Make sure you are getting the services you need.
    – Help advocate for your child to get services

  • What kind of help can a case manager help me access?

    – Get medical services.
    – Get medical supplies or equipment.
    – Help you address school or education issues
    (attend ARD meetings)
    – Get other services necessary to support a child’s condition

  • How do you get a case manager?

    To access services contact:
    Lori Lopez, Case Manager LMSW
    – (806) 793-3900
    Email Lori Lopez

    Anyone can make a referral.  There is no prescription required and parents can refer their own child.

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