Occupational Therapy

  • boy playing on trapeese with therapist
  • young boy on scooter climbing rope
  • smiling boy climbing on climbing wall looking at camera
  • girl plaing with ttherapist in class
  • Child and Therapists Working Together
  • helping child tie their shoes on a play mat

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY addresses daily living skills for children of all ability levels using a fun, practical approach.

Targeted areas may include:

• Attention to task
• Coping skills
• Fine/visual motor skills
• Handwriting/visual perception
• Play/social interaction
• Self-care skills
• Sensory Integration and Regulation

Occupational therapy treatment plans at Pediatric Therapy, Inc. follow a medical-scientific model.

Our treatment plans are designed to include the necessary time, frequency, and intensity needed to achieve optimum results.

PTI’s Occupational Therapists utilize the following treatment strategies:

  • Sensory Integration

  • The Alert Program (self control training)

  • Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique/Sensory Diet

  • NDT (Neurodevelopmental Treatment)

  • Strengthening/coordination training

  • Handwriting programs

  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Community integration

  • Home programs/parent training

We offer a variety of specialized treatment methods and state of the art equipment.