Funding Resources for Children with Developmental Disabilities Chart

Program Services Eligibility Requirements Waiting List Contact Number
In Home Family Support Program (StarCare) Funding to purchase therapies, equipment, home modifications, RX’s, nursing care, transportation assistance Must have a Mentally Retarded (MR) diagnosis or related diagnosis and meet financial criteria None Must go through the Star care Assessment Center for evaluation 740-1421
Children with Special Health Care Needs Funding for medical visits, therapies, equipment, nursing care, braces, travel costs Must have a developmental disability and meet financial eligibility Waiting list of about 2 years 1-877- 438-5658
Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP) Funding for home modifications, adaptive aids, equipment, therapies, nursing care, braces Must have a developmental disability and meet the medical criteria for nursing home admission *Financial eligibility based on the child’s income Waiting list of about 3 years 1-877- 438-5658
Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) Funding for therapies, nursing care, adaptive aids, equipment, home modifications, specialized treatments, and psychological services.  Must have a developmental disability   *Financial eligibility based on the child’s income Waiting list is about 8 years 1-877- 438-5658
Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP) Reimbursement of private medical insurance premiums for Medicaid eligible people when it is determined to be cost effective Must have  private insurance (or have the private insurance option available through their employer) and be eligible for Medicaid None 1-800-440-0493

Local Resources for Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities Chart

Agency Services Contact Number
Better Understanding of Down Syndrome (BUDS) Parent Support Group for parents of children with Down syndrome 794-1366
Burkhart Center for Autism Education at TTU Autism education and advocacy (806)742-4561ext.458
Division for the Blind (dept. of aging and disability) Support services and programs for the blind or visually impaired; Parent Support Group meetings (806) 783-2930
StarCare Residential and support services for people with mental retardation Assessment Center(806)740-1421
South Plains Autism Network (SPAN) Parent Autism Support group meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month Sherry Sancibrian(806) 743-9049ext. 232
Uniting Parents Provide information, education, referrals, resources, case management, support and respite funds for families caring for children with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. (806) 785-5818
West Texas Parent Education Network Provide information and referrals, assistance in preparing for ARD/IEP meetings, communicating with school personnel, information on educational rights and special education services for people with a disability. (806) 762-1434